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At Vivanet, the spirit of ‘Viva’—celebrating with enthusiastic approval—is deeply embedded in our core. We strive to earn acclaim for our innovative software solutions and comprehensive staff augmentation services, emphasizing our commitment to the growth and success of our people—both our employees and our valued clients. We partner with businesses across diverse sectors including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, and education. Our mission is to help these industries navigate their digital transformation journeys with ease and efficiency. Vivanet is dedicated to building relationships based on trust and shared success, ensuring that each partnership reflects our commitment to excellence and mutual growth.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Vivanet aims to become an acclaimed technology and talent engine powered by diverse and competent software professionals and engineers.

Our Mission

To enrich our talent and partner in the success of our employees and customers by providing top notch services in the field of information technology.

Our Core Values


Through accountability and delivery.


By providing high quality service to our employees and customers


Through inclusion, respect and situational awareness


In technology and execution

Key application portfolio

Developed a global social media food app for Palate Power. Palate transforms the food images into food reviews in less than a minute. Technology stack: Flutter, AWS, GraphQL, Springboot

Built a responsive mobile and web app that supports the growth of gig economy. Technology stack: Flutter, Firebase, GCP Android

Developed a mobile application to be used as an internal communication platform (Governed by an NDA). Technology Stack: Flutter, Firebase, GCP

Developed a proprietary SaaS based system designing tool for one of our key client partners. (Governed by an NDA). Developed using MERN technology stack.

Developing an application that leverages image recognition algorithms to identify and match large scale engineering drawings . (Governed by an NDA). Developed using Python, Tensor Flow, AWS

Developing a proprietary SaaS tool that provides a complete talent management solution for organizations to develop and leverage their internal talent pool. (Governed by an NDA). Technology stack – Java, Springboot, React, AWS

Vast application development and technical leadership experience in building microservice and cloud-based web and SaaS applications for a major manufacturing company. (Governed by NDA). Technology Stack: Java, React, Springboot, AWS


Software solutions

Are you looking for software, AI/ML and/or IoT solutions to your business problems?

Application Development

Are you in need of high quality and frugal application development services?

Staff Augmentation

Are you facing difficulties in finding diverse and competent software developers and engineers?

Training and Skill Building

Are you in search of experts to train your workforce on latest skills and technologies?

Managed Sourcing

Are you in search of a trusted outsourcing partner?

Our Core Team

“We connect, we listen, we engage, we build, we deliver, we support. We do all we can to meet or exceed your expectations.”

Aadarsh Iyer

Founder & CEO

“Empowering businesses through innovation and seamless technology integration, one line of code at a time.”

Rohit Shedage

Technology Evangelist

” Up-skilling is the order of the day! Re-skilling is an inevitable priority. “

Sunil Datta

Director - L&D

Our Client Partners Industry outreach

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